Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if I already have my tickets purchased in this health alert situation of COVID-19?

Following the orders of the competent Administrations, the exhibition will be temporarily closed from March 14 and until further notice. The tickets purchased can be changed to visit the exhibition when we resume activity after the resolution of the #coronavirus crisis.


Is my ticket valid for another day?

Tickets are purchased for a specific time slot. The time shown in the ticket is an ORIENTATIVE HOUR in order to optimize access to the exhibition and organize the flow of the public.
We can not guarantee access to the exhibition outside the hours indicated in the ticket when the capacity of the sessions are complete.
The entry is NOT valid for another day.

I do not know what time I can go to the exhibition. Can I buy the ticket without a date and time?

To ensure a comfortable visit for all visitors, access to the exhibition is organized by slots of one hour. It is not necessary to arrive at that time, simply within the indicated time slot. It is necessary to select a certain time and day when buying tickets to organize the visit. Once the exhibition is accessed, visitors can stay inside as long as they want. The average visit time is 1 hour.

Can I change the ticket or return it if I can not go?

Due to our company policy, we do not make changes or refunds of tickets. Anyway, we propose something: give the entrance to a friend or family member and let them enjoy the exhibition instead.

Discounts for students

Students have a discount by presenting the university card no matter if they’re not spanish and without age limit.


Are there Van Gogh paintings in the exhibition?

The expo Van Gogh Alive – The Experience is not an exhibition in its classic sense, it is an authentic piece of multimedia art, which combines the exhibition of the paintings with the physical space in which they are projected. More than 3,000 images (huge, crystalline and inspiring) transform each surface. However, we do not have any physical work by Vincent Van Gogh, they are projected on giant screens.


How much time do I need to see the exhibition?

The multimedia part of the exhibition lasts 35 minutes but there is also an introductory part so we recommend staying at least one hour. Once inside, you can enjoy the experience as long as you want.

Is it suitable for children?

There is no minimum age to access the exhibition. Children under 4 years old can access free of charge accompanied by an adult.

We ask that parents keep children nearby so as not to disturb other visitors.

Can I access with a stroller?

Yes, the room is adapted for strollers and wheelchairs.

Can I make photos?

It is allowed to take pictures but without using the flash. If you publish them in social media, use the hashtag #VanGoghMadrid: so more people will be able to see the exhibition through your eyes.


Have you found the answer to your question?

If not, contact us through the following form or by email on and we will try to solve all of them.